Optimum Stock

Do not miss the revenue! Supply management service Optimum Stock will help reduce the deficit and surplus in the storehouse, increasing your revenue by more than 20%!
Trading companies lose more than 20% of revenue because some goods are out of stock. It happens against constant growth of stocks and stable sales.
Why Optimum Stock exactly?
It demands minimal data to start.
There are no difficult ways of calculation, logic only.
You will receive automatically messages from service.
It excludes influence of man factor on procurement and stock.
You will receive clear and logical reports from analytical system.
You will receive analytics individually for each product.
About service
What can Optimum Stock do?
Adapt to fluctuations of demand
The program works both with regular daily demand, and with seasonal, variable. There is an experience of working with goods of all categories, including perishables, which have a sales period of no more than 3 days.
Calculate needs of stock
The program calculates the need for inventories, taking into account the expiration date, the time of year, weekends and holidays, and many other indicators. Due to this, the surplus and deficit are reduced, and the mandatory assortment is guaranteed at the outlets.
Inform with help of the messages from analytic system
The program calculates lost revenue and other indicators in the context of both individual goods and product groups, both storehouses and retail outlets, as well as for the entire network and provides them in an understandable format - briefly in a weekly e-mail dispatch and deployed in Personal account.
Compose reports on company's performance
A clear color scheme will allow you or your analyst at a glance to determine the state of the product matrix at the current moment. A convenient warning system will allow you to make important management decisions timely.
Optimum Stock statistics
increase in commodity turnover
reduce in lost income
increase in the turnover ratio of goods
Our clients
They have already assessed the effectiveness of Optimum Stock.
Chain of stores
Increase in revenue by 8%
Reducing the volume of inventory by 15%
Manufacture and chain stores
Increase in revenue by 5.5%
Reducing the volume of inventory by 30%
Chain of stores
Increase of profit by 11%
Decrease in the volume of commodity stocks by 23%
Do you need Optimum Stock?
Yes, if you are losing your income right now!
Please, fill out an application form and we will calculate lost revenue of your business!
It's absolutely free!
You will receive a calculation of the lost revenue by the e-mail specified during the application.

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